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daev hellshaw: bastard offspring of George Bernard Hellshaw and Zorro of Waisfjord, sud-est Eireann. Currently trapped within the perimeter canals of Baile Atha Cliathe, known to many as Dubh Linn, where he does battle with pre-booked daemonic entities with, defending himself only by fearsome sword-stick skills and arid wit. Has been compared to the Count O'Blather, infamous paranormal agent provocateur and editor of that fine literary periodical, Blather.

daevas: 'In ancient Persian mythology they are demons who cause plagues and diseases and who fight every form of religion. They are the male servants (or followers) of Angra Mainyu, also known as Ahriman. The female servants are called the Drugs. Together they fight Ahuru Mazda (Ormazd) and his Amesha Spentas.

'Originally, the Daevas, together with the Ahuras, were a classification of gods and spirits. In later Persian religion they were degraded to a lesser kind of beings, demons. The word 'devil' is derived from their name. The seven archdemons of the Daevas are: Aesma Daeva, Aka Manah, Indra, Nanghaithya, Saurva, Tawrich and Zarich.' (Encyclopedia Mythica)

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