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3 Elephants

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...ad infinitum, please

Would you believe you can get where you want in life by listening to music ? Too good to be true ? In a sense it is - the song attached to this message won't deliver you success BUT IT CAN CREATE THE FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR SUCCESS - The following song was created by myself using a combination of SECRET SCIENTIFIC MIND CONTROL METHODS. This technique known only to myself, one I have called Overt Meta-Sublimation (OMS), whereby elements within a document support each other creating a holistic approach to memetic vector transmission.

By reading this document you feel compelled to listen to the song --- by listening to the song you will be unknowingly programed with the mental software needed to gain SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS in today's fast paced hectic world. 

The best to you all

Oratio, TPC Meta-Holistic Systems



"We have to go my way, you have a good plan, but I can't see how we can work it"

"3 Elephants, Bob".

"What ?".

"3 Elephants, I believe your methods need more development before we can employ them".

"Yeah, okay.  ... I have to do something, over there, now".

"This simple technique is so successful I just don't know how I lived without it"


Buy Three Trumpeting Elephants! - Three glass elephants under the canopy and one perched on top, all trumpeting for you to give them a spin around their pink mirror base! Gold-trimmed. 3 1/8" diameter, 6" high.


Take this example from Julia a student from Topeka, Kansas:

"Beauty school isn't easy, those chemical names can be long and complex to remember. I was like seriously flunking until a friend of mine said 'How about you start using the three elephants method'. Of first I said no way man, I'm not into that kind of thing, but then he explained what it was all about. Now I say the phrase before and after each page I read while studying. The Exxon Beauty Product Primer has never been an easier read. I am now an 'A' grade student. Thank You TPC Meta-Holistic Systems". 




thankyou, you have changed my life! i used to be a poor, middle-aged nobody going nowhere with failing eyesight and hearing, but now i am a poor, middle-aged nobody going nowhere with failing eyesight and hearing! i admit the changes may seem subtle, but that's the beauty of the elephant plan. it's all so clear to me now. it's certainly worth the 3 million drachma. hell, i'd be willing to pay twice that! let me know when the 4 elephant program is out of beta.




We can't physically sell you this idea, and we wouldn't want to, it would be selfish to reap short term financial gains withholding information THE WHOLE WORLD CAN BENEFIT FROM. Don't be afraid, take the step today and MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!
The Best To You All
TPC Meta-Holistic Systems,
('Tri-Pachyderm Consciousness Propagation' project)

3 Elephants
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Oratio - Muzak Compositor
Rev. Hellshaw - Known Blatherskite
Worm Man - Propagator, caecilian wrangler

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The Three, yesterday

3 Elephants
3 Elephants

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