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Benjamin Creme & Maitreya:
An Eyewitness Account

Millennial Prophecy Report
Vol. III No. 4. October 1994

By Barry Kavanagh

Every month in London, about two hundred curious people gather in Friends Meeting House on Euston Road for a free meeting held by Share International and its John the Baptist figure, Benjamin Creme.

Creme, in a suit and tie, sits upon a stool and addresses the audience through a microphone. Tape recorder and video camera preserve the events.

The meeting begins with meditation, as Creme is "overshadowed" by Maitreya. A tape of Maitreya (in Creme's voice, as Maitreya had spoken "through" him) is played, the voice pronouncing its words extremely slowly. After all this Creme explains what the whole thing is about.

All the world's religions involve a great teacher who came among us (Buddha, Jesus, Muhammed etc) and also involve an awaited teacher to come (Jesus' second coming, the Messiah of the Jews, the Muslim Iman Mahdi). These teachers all come from the same group: the "Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom" who have evolved to the furthest point possible for Earth's lifeforms and have from time to time come into the world to teach, although they have not all been present at once in the last 95,000 years, since the fall of Atlantis. Benjamin Creme maintains telepathic contact with one of these masters, who cannot be named.

Jesus was merely a disciple "overshadowed" by Maitreya, the greatest of all the Hierarchy. In the New Testament, the fish imagery indicated that Maitreya, through Jesus, was the Avatar, the "world teacher" for the Age of Pisces. Also in the New Testament, however, the disciples of Jesus were told to seek out a man carrying a pitcher of water (to show them the house where they could have the last supper). Since men never carried water in that culture at that time, this was a symbol of Aquarius, meaning that Maitreya is the Avatar for the coming Age of Aquarius, as well as the dwindling Age of Pisces.

In 1945, at the end of World War II, Maitreya announced that if humanity would begin "to put its house in order" He would come among us. This did not happen, so Maitreya waited. Then in 1977 he could stand the starvation of the Third World no longer so came out of His secret Himalayan retreat and is currently in London. Since then, apparently, Maitreya has worked behind the scenes to help the world improve. Share International boasts of having predicted the situations in South Africa and Palestine. As Communism fell, so too will Capitalism and Creme predicts a total Stock Market crash in Japan by the end of 1994.

Maitreya will appear on an American TV show in 1994 too and television also plays an important role in "Declaration Day." Declaration Day is not a negative Apocalypse - as far as Creme is concerned the slaughter and decimation predicted over tha ges happened between 1914 and 1945 (and even Nostradamus can be read this way!)

On Declaration Day Maitreya will appear on every TV screen in the world and His message will also be telepathically transmitted into all our minds at once. All religious prophecies culminate at this point. Soon afterwards, all the Hierarchy will be present here for the first time in 95,000 years.

Creme's worldview is able to encompass all religions and esoteric thought. When asked about Sai Baba (which occurred at both the meetings I attended), Creme declares that yes, Sai Baba is as big a force as Maitreya, but explains him away by saying that although Sai Baba is of the Hierarchy, he's not of the Hierarchy of planet Earth!

Creme appears insurmountable. One member of the audience asks how come, with all these sightings of Maitreya in the Third World, He doesn't appear in Rwanda. Creme is then "just informed that he has." "Well," he smirks, marvelling at telepathy, "you learn as you go along."


© Barry Kavanagh 1994