As Mr. Jan Ove-Sundberg has decided to utilise his artistic talents to make me infamous, I thought perhaps I should assist...he seems rather convinced that I'm involved in some shady practices, which naturally enough, I am!

Rev. Hellshaw

There *was* a picture here, until September 19th. It is now removed, due the message that I received from Mr. Sundberg. Sorry, folks.

Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 15:18:16 +0200
From: Jan-Ove Sundberg
Subject: Illegal publishing

Dave Walsh:

It has come to my knowledge that you have used the picture I sent you, for your magazine The Blather. I have never given you permission to do that and never will.

You have two choices.

1. Remove my picture immediately.
2. Pay me 500 English pound for the use of it in The Blather.

If you donīt heed any of these choices I will take you to court for copyright infrigement.

Jan-Ove Sundberg


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